Tired of searching for a smooth, buttery lake?

Sick of messing with inconsiderate boat drivers?

Frustrated with choppy and unrideable water?

wakeboard- (wāk'bôrd')  A short, wide water board ridden in the manner of a surfboard or snowboard by a person behind a towboat.

wakeskate- (wāk'ska't) A wakeboard without bindings ridden in the manner of a skateboard behind a towrig.

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Maverick Wakeboard Ranch and Camp



Welcome to Maverick Wakeboard Ranch and Camp!  We offer wakeboard and wakeskate lessons from beginner to advanced for all riding styles and abilities.  MWR is located on a private 60-acre lake in historic Gonzales, Texas.  The water is perfect year round on this Texas man-made mud bottom freshwater lake.  Come ride the perfect wake behind a fully loaded 210 Team Air Nautique or practice riding switch on a smaller wake behind a Bombardier Sea-Doo.  MWR is a private and safe lakepark for wakeboarding and wakeskating instructions, dedicated to family safety and fun.  

Our staff and instructors have years of coaching experience and dedication to help you learn your skills, whether its starting fresh, advancing to intermediate riding, or polishing specific advanced tricks.  Don’t worry about driving the boat, leave that up to our professional and experienced drivers and instructors.  You get to ride on smooth private water anytime, because you are the only rider on the water.  There are no other boats, jet-skis, or fishermen out there…just you and smooth water!


Ride the rails!!!”  

One great thing about MWR is the rails.  MWR has rails that range in different lengths and sizes.  Rails built for wakeboarding are illegal on public waters, due to boat obstructions.  The TX Game Wardens tear them down quickly when they find them in coves and other hidden spots.  MWR is a private lake and offers plenty of rails for different style riders.  Not into riding rails and sliders?  No worries, just ride the wake behind the Nautique boat on 60 acres of smooth water.


Come and Take It” 

Parents, drop off your kids for a wakeboard lesson and check out historic Gonzales, TX; “The Birthplace of Texas Freedom.”   Gonzales offers annual festivals, driving and walking tours, weekly rodeos, restaurants, the J.B. Wells Park, and other accommodations.  They even have an abundance of antique shops, such as the world famous Discovery Architectural Antiques.  

Gonzales is located 70 miles East from San Antonio, 70 miles South of Austin,  and 120 miles West of Houston.  Feel free to stop at Buc-ees on I-10 for some Beaver Nuggets and homemade fudge!

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Book your ride now!!

For daily sessions, there is a max of 4-6 riders at a time to guarantee your riding time.  Rates are $125 per rider for 4 hours.  Each rider gets three 20 minute instructional lessons on the water.  You choose between riding behind the wake of the Nautique, or behind the Sea-Doo.  The rest of the time is spent on the boat watching and listening to the instructors coach the other riders.  Instructions include both dry land and in water directions.  We pay close attention to your individual needs and goals.

Two time slots available for daily sessions -- 9 am – 1 pm and 2 pm – 6 pm, lunch is on your own.  We are open daily during the season, weather permitting.  Call (210) 884-8444 to schedule a ride!!

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"Stay the night at our camp!"

Lodging is available at MWR camp. The 6 bedroom/5 bath 4000 sq. foot lodge, and 2000 sq. foot screened pavilion can accommodate your wakeboarding adventures with family and friends. 

- 5 days / 4 nights - $1,350 per person

- 3 days / 2 nights - $700 per person

-2 day / 1 night - $375 per person

-non-wakeboarder guests - $150 per person/per night

Prices are all inclusive with your own private room and bath.  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner is all provided.  Camp riders get one hour morning and one hour evening riding sets, daily with an instructor.  You'll spend all day with the instructors as they coach you and others on tips and tricks.  Then spend the evening with your new friends hanging out, playing games, relaxing, watching movies and wakeboard DVD's, or outside with the sunset and a canopy of Texas stars.  Get to bed early so you can wake up and ride in the morning on smooth water.  Please contact MWR for camp schedule and group or family rates.  Special accommodations are available upon request.  Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express credit cards are accepted.

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Order your MWR t-shirts, stickers, mugs and other Cafepress goodies here!!!


What should I bring?  If you come for a daily session, you are responsible for bringing your personal lake necessities, such as drinks, lunch, snacks, a towel, sun-block, shades, etc.  Because riders have their own styles and likes with all the various equipment on the market today, MWR and camp does NOT provide wakeboards or wakeskates.  We only provide the towline and Coast Guard Approved (CGA) lifejackets.  If you spend the night at the camp, we provide all linens and towels.  Bring your personal items, but  leave valuables such as IPODs, jewelry and electronics at home.

Tell us about the lake!  The 60 acre mud bottom lake  is fed through a freshwater well and beautiful Texas rain.  It was built in the late 80's and has no trees or obstructions in or under the water.  The lake ranges from 8 to 25 feet in depth and is 125 feet in width at it's narrowest peak point.  The ride  is about 3/4 mile one way.

Tell us about the staff!  The staff is dedicated to making safety #1 at MWR.  We offer a non-competitive, fun and relaxed learning environment.  We have a select trained staff who have excellent communication skills, and are experts in the sport of wakeboarding and wakeskating instruction.  They are all First Aid and CPR certified and dedicated to making your family wakeboarding experience safe and more importantly- fun!

What ages do you teach?  We teach all ages and riding levels starting at 6 years old.  

Can girls ride and stay at the camp?  Yes!  Both boys and girls can take lessons and stay the night at MWR camp.  The lodge is co-ed and separated by private rooms.  Each camper has their own private bathroom connected to their room.  Campers can also double up and stay in the large dorm style room with bunk beds!

What are the safety and rider expectations?  All riders must ride at their own risk and sign a liability release form.     Parent/guardian to sign release form if under the age of 18.  All riders must wear life jacket and helmets are recommended.  All students must follow all safety and equipment rules and expectations.  MWR and owners or staff are not responsible for any accidents, loss, or injury to property or persons.


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Contact MWR for additional information and reservations at     (210) 884-8444 or shoot an email at mwr@maverickwakeboardranch.com

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